Tygris R224 Bright Zinc Galvanising Spray 400ml

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Quick drying Zinc protective coating.

Bright zinc and aluminium powder based spray.

Excellent adhesion and quick drying.

Zinc content assists in corrosion prevention.

Tygris R239 Heavy Duty Zinc Galvanising Spray 400ml

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Durable zinc protector and primer.

Can be used both on bare metal and previously galvanised surfaces.

Suitable for spraying onto acrylic or cellulose paints.

Tygris High Temperature Paints 400ml

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2 Paint Colours Available

High quality paint with safe working temperature up to 650 deg C.

No primer required.

Touch dry within 30 minutes.

Tygris R242 Clear Acrylic Lacquer 400ml

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Durable coating for sealing and protecting.

Fast drying with excellent resistance to weathering and sunlight.

High resistance to mild acids and alkalis.

Good resistance to water and salt spray.

Tygris Acrylic Based Primer Paints 400ml

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4 Primer Colours Available

Premium quality high opacity paint.
Excellent adhesion, compatible with most materials.
Can be applied over previously painted surfaces.
Lead free with excellent UV stability.

Bespoke Paints: Any RAL or BS No. made to order (minimum 12 cans).