Tygris R213 (WD) Water Displacing Anti Rust Agent 400ml

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WD type lube.

Displaces water, penetrates, lubricates and protects.

Provides a fine silicone free lubricating film which protects against corrosion.

Also an effective cleaner and degreaser.

Tygris IS1 Looz-n-It Penetrating Oil 400ml

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Penetrates and releases corroded components on moulds and tools.

Premium release fluid providing a powerful penetrating action.

Works effectively in wet and damp conditions.

Cleans and degreases.

Tygris R234 Copper Anti Seize 400ml

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High temperature anti-seize protection up to 1100 deg C.

Water and acid resistant.

Will not burn or wash off.

Assists in assembly and disassembly of components.

Tygris R223 White Grease with PTFE 400ml

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Clean water resistant grease reinforced with PTFE.

High water resistance suitable for marine use.

For use in anti-friction and plain bearing pumping equipment

For the lubrication of linkages, door latches, hinges, gears, springs, bearings and rubber etc.

Tygris R226 Clear Grease 400ml

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Clear, non - staining.

Highly resistant to throw off.

Use on chains & other moving parts.