Tygris One Wipes (110 Tub)

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Designed to clean tough stuff.
110 wipes per tub.

Contains a lanolin based moisturiser which conditions the skin preventing dryness.

Will clean, grease, oil, silicones, sealants, paint, epoxies and adhesives.

Tygris Engineers Dual Textured Wipes (110 Tub)

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Impregnated rough and soft cleaning wipes.

110 wipes bucket.

Effectively removes oil, grease, ink and petrol from hands, tools and machinery.

Equally effective for the removal of adhesive, bitumen, epoxies, mastics etc.

Tygris R201 Carburettor Cleaner 400ml

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Strong solvent for stubborn deposits.

Dissolves grease and oil.

Ideal cleaner for service engineers on all types of machinery.

Tygris R202 Brake & Clutch Cleaner 400ml

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Effective against grease, brake fluid, brake and clutch dust.

Eliminates brake squeal and clutch slip.

Can be used to remove tar spots from some surfaces.

Tygris R203 Engine Degreaser 400ml

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Dissolves and emulsifies grease and oil for washing off.

Use on any metallic surface and can be used on most plastic and painted surfaces.

Removes grease, tar stains, oil, bitumen, waxes etc.

Tygris R235 Electrical Cleaner 400ml

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Fast evaporating non-corroding electrical cleaner.

Alcohol based solvent.

Low Toxicity.

For use in electronics and switchgear industries and is suitable for cleaning most electrical apparatus.

Safe to use with most plastics.

Tygris R267 Sticky Label Remover 400ml

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Penetrates and dissolves adhesives.

Not for Food area, use F424.

For the removal of sticky labels from most substrates, including plastics, metals, rubbers, painted surfaces and other impervious materials.

Leaves no residues or markings.

Tygris R253 Hard Surface Foam Cleaner 400ml

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Effectively dissolves grease and grime on most hard surfaces.

Solvent boosted aqueous cleaner with foam action.

Clings to vertical surfaces and is suitable for most hard, impervious materials.

Smear free finish with a pleasant lemon fragrance.