TOTAL Tape Measures

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Steel measuring tape in 3 sizes

With 3 stop button function.
Rubber Cover.
With metric and inch display.

TOTAL 30m Fibreglass Measuring Tape

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3:1 Gear ratio for fast rewind.
Length and width: 30m x 12.5mm.
Metric and inch scales.

TOTAL Digital Calipers 150mm & 200mm

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2 Models

150mm & 200mm

Reading: 0.01mm metric/inch system conversion in any position.

Packed by plastic box

TOTAL Laser Distance Detector

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Measuring Range: 0.2 - 40m

Measuring Accuracy: +/- 2.0mm.

Laser Type: 620 - 690nm, <1mW, Class 2.

Operating Temperature: -10 deg C to +50 deg C.
Storage Temperature: -20 deg C to +65 deg C.

Historical Measurements: 50 values

Splash Proof/ Dust Protected: IP54

Packed in a colour box.

TOTAL Magnetic Spirit Levels 600 - 1500mm

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Lengths: 60cm – 150cm (3 sizes available).

Double side milled.

0.5mm/m accurate vials.

Aluminium thickness: 1.5mm.

Fitted with 3 powerful magnets.

Double flat surface design.

Packed by shrink wrap and paper card

TOTAL Bench Vices 4" & 8"

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2 Sizes Available

360 Degree Rotation

TOTAL F Clamps 200 - 1000mm

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4 Sizes to choose from

TOTAL G Clamps 4" & 6"

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2 Sizes available: 4” & 6"

Body malleable cast iron.

T-shaped thread

Packed in a poly bag.