Titan Electronic Timer Drains

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Working Time: 0.5 - 45 minutes.
Drain Time: 05 - 10 seconds.

M.W.P: 16 Bar.

Good reliable quality.

Conforms to RoHS and is CE marked.

Drip Leg Drain 1/2" bsp Auto drain

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Autodrain 1/2" bsp drip leg drain, fits to drain leg on a compressed air system

No Loss Pneumatic Condensate Drain 1/2"

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Excellent Titan quality.

Robust mechanism and large internal discharge port allows aggressive condensate and rust to flow freely.

No electrical power required
Mechanical float drains are designed for easy installation and reliable operation.

Ideal for remote areas with no power supply or where the environment does not permit

1/2" bsp male input.
1/2" bsp female output

20 bar with test point.