Nylon Tube 30m - Metric

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Can be supplied Blue, Black, Green, Red or Yellow, just add note to us on your order.

30 metre coil. Metric BS5409, suitable for compression and push in fittings. Temp range -20C to +70C, Pressure max 250 psi.

Nylon Pre formed Airline

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  • Fitted With BSPT Press-in Swivel Couplings - Complete With Springs
  • "High Resistance To Oil, Petrol, Organic And In-Organic Media"
  • Light Weight, Expansion And Retention For Ease Of Use
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C, Maximum Working Pressure: 15bar

PTFE Tubing 50m coil

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Extremely flexible - Low friction Temp range -200C to +260C. Inert to chemicals and Solvents

Nylon tube cutter

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