Euro Bond 577 Pipe Seal

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Pipe Sealant EBA577 is a low strength, high viscosity gel paste which cures rapidly, sealing instantly to 10 bar on metals in the absence of air. When fully cured it resists pressure up to 350 bar. EBA577 is not suitable for oxygen systems. Resistant to Ethanol, Motor Oil, Unleaded Petrol, Acetone and Brake Fluid.

400G Boss White

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This 400g tub of Boss White pipe jointing compound can be used to seal threaded joints on non-drinking water pipes. Suitable for use with hot and cold water (non-potable), natural gas and low pressure steam.

400G Boss Green

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400g A potable water pipe jointing compound for drinking water applications. Conforms to BS 6956-5:1992 for hot and cold water systems to 7 bar, Natural Gas and low pressure steam and temperatures up to 200°C. WRc plc approved

Joining Paste (-40°C to 400°C)

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400g Tin. Stag 'A' is a thin non-setting jointing for use on small joints which are new and undamaged. Easy-break. Resistant to gas, steam, water, petrol, oil and mineral acids. Lead-free.

Joining Paste (-40°C to 650°C)

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400g Tin. Stag 'B' is a thick non-setting jointing compound for use on surfaces made uneven by corrosion or heavy tool marks etc. Easy-break. Resistant to gas, steam, water, petrol, oil and mineral acids. Lead-free.

Hank Dressed Hemp (used with Paste)

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Jointing paste

Magic Steel Stick

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  • Working time 3 minutes and sets in 10 minutes.
  • Adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant.
  • Can be drilled, filed and painted.
  • It is ideal for emergency sealing of leaking tanks and pipes.
  • Smooths welds, repairs small Cracks in castings and fills oversized bolt holes.

Hydraulic Sealant

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  • Suitable for fine threaded fittings in Hydraulic
  • and pneumatic installations and small fittings in
  • general
  • Approved by German DVGW (NG-5146 AR 0621)
  • and tested in accordance to EN 751-1.

55 Thread Sealing Cord- 50Mtrs

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Can be safely applied on metal and plastic threaded fittings Potable Water: WRC Listed for use with potable water up to 85°C, meets BS6920" KTW recommendation for cold and hot water,Gas and Water: Carries the German DVGW Approval together with DIN30660 tested in accordance with EN751-2 Class ARp.Certified to ANSI/NSF standard 61