Gorilla Superglue 2 x 3grm

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Sets in just 10 seconds.

Bonds: Metal, Wood, Ceramic, Paper, Rubber and more.
Rubber toughened: Unique rubber particles mean theres even less chance of the bond breaking under impact.
Easy to use: No gripping required, wont break down when exposed to moisture.
Anti-clogging: Anti-clog cap with metal pin keeps the nozzle clean and the air out.

Gorilla Glue 115ml

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Incredibly strong and waterproof.

Bonds: Stone, Metal, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Foam, Brick, Concrete and more.
High strength and versatility.
Temperature resistant

Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting Tape 1.5 Mtr

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Double sided roll with industrial, weather-proof strength.
Use indoors and out.
It will grip to almost any surface and is perfect for mounting without traditional fasteners

Hazard Warning Tape

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High-visibility Hazard Warning PVC tape, offers excellent visual awareness and no-go area identification.
A strong adhesive allows the tape to stick to a variety of clean dry surfaces.
Waterproof and durable. 33 metres long * 50mm wide

Emergency Spill kit

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Maintenance Spill Kits 25 Litre (Oil & Water)

For oil & water.Small 25 litre spill kit in a snap close plastic carry bag.
15x Absorbent Mats.
3x 1.2m Absorbent Socks.
1x Waste Bag.
1x Goggles.1x Gloves.

Kraken Silicone Repair Tape

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For workshop, garage, car and home.
The ultimate multi-purpose repair tape.
Fast fusing silicone seals and repairs an almost endless list of pipes, connectors, joints etc. Up to 700 psi tensile strength. (3.6 metres *24 mm)

See Technical Data Sheet

Absorbent Spillage Granules

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20 Litre Clay based, multi-purpose absorbent industrial attapilgite granules.

PCL Water Dispenser

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Designed to dispense water in such applications as a radiator or windscreen water bottle filler. The sturdy design incorporates a lever for instant flow and cut-off.  3/8 inlet

Heavy Duty Water Gun

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1/2" Inlet BSPP - Heavy Duty Water Gun - Max.Pressure: 365p

M5 * 45mm blind sleeve anchors

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18 pack

Brown Redi Plugs

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Screw size 10 - 12, Drill size 7mm. Quantity 150

Nylon Rimless Expansion Plugs

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M10 * 50mm.  Quantity 30

Cavity Toggle Bolt

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M5 * 50mm. Quantity 22

Plain Flat washer

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Hexagon Head Set Screws

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Metric Steel Hex Nuts

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Aviation grade Flashlight

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Grippaz glove
Superior nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip. This fit for purpose glove is ideal for mechanics, engineers, agriculture, general use. Superb grip in all conditions.
Grippaz™ 246 use a specially formulated nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against Petrol, Oil, Diesel, Paint Thinner, Hydraulic oil, Transmission Fluid, Bleach, Engine oil, Grease, Sodium Hydroxide, Detergents and Solvents.