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Face Visor

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Adjustable Protective Face Shield. Includes an extra spare PVC visor With 0,35 mm PVC visor material. This makes for a more rigid & durable visor shape. LMC design guarantees ergonomic and good user comfort levels.

Civil use Type 2 face mask (50 box)

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our masks are for Civil Use, the Standard is: GB/T 32610-2016.

Machine washable Face mask (5 pack)

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These have been Antimicrobial Lab Tested with the AATCC 100-2012 method achieving an impressive 99.9% filtration efficiency against Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 and Staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538.

They can be worn all day, washed, and reused.

Sanitize Rapid Disinfectant spray 400ml

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Simpley Sanitize Surface Disinfectant Spray. 70% Alchohol. Kills 99.9% of Germs.

Kills Cold & Flu Viruses.
Ideal for:
Hard Surfaces, Electronics, Handles, Steering Wheels, Shopping Trolleys And many more surfaces

Social Distance Floor tape

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 Printed with text "PLEASE KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE".

 66 Metre * 48mm Heavy duty, laminated PVC tape. Residue resistant and solvent free adhesive

 Highly visible black / yellow design,  Ideal for temporary floor marking,  Helps increasing social distance awareness.  Sticks to most clean & dry surfaces,  UV resistant print,  Pattern repeats approximately every 50cm

Sanitize hand gels 75% Alcohol

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4 Sizes to choose from. Premium product at a competitive price. 75% Alcohol

Ultimate Covid Kit

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1 x PFS Protective Face Shield c/w extra spare shield. 2 x SS50 50ml Hand Sanitiser.
1 x SS500 500ml Hand Sanitiser.
1 x Pack of 50 Type 2 Civil Face Masks.
1 x Pack of 5 Washable Face Masks.
1 x Pack of 80 Sheets Detox Anti-Bac Wipes.
1 x 400ml Rapid Sanitiser Spray.

Tygris One Wipe

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Tygris One Wipe
Developed for use by professionals in all trades these strong absorbent wipes can be used to remove grease, oil, ink, petrol, adhesive, bitumen, semi-curedalign epoxy, expanding foam, paint, mastic, polyurethane, sealant and many other contaminants from hands, tools, machinery and other external and internal surfaces.

Detox Anti Bacterial Wet wipes 80 Pack

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Detox wet wipe

Social Distance Floor Mat

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Available in Red or Blue Delivery will be approx 10 days for either

Loose lay floor mats to promote social distancing.

Communicate social distancing rules to your staff or customers to reduce Coronavirus spread.

Cost effective and durable way to demonstrate that you take health and safety seriously.

Printed digitally for superb colour reproduction and definition. Low profile borders to reduce the risk of trips.

Machine washable at 30ºC. Mats stay in place thanks to vinyl backing, can be relocated and washed unlike floor stickers.









Wash & Sanitise Sign

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300mm * 200mm

Tape measure

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Steel measuring tape in 3 sizes

With 3 stop button function.
Rubber Cover.
With metric and inch display.

Spirit Level

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3 sizes available.
Double side milled.
0.5mm/m accurate vials.

6" Cast Iron - T Shaped Thread

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6 Piece HSS Din 338 Twist Drill Bits Set

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2-3-4-5-6-8mm HSS drills

Electronic Auto drain

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Simple way to remove water from a compressed air system, ideal for air receivers, dryers, filter housings etc, connects to a 240v supply and is 1/2" bsp.Pause time 0.5 to 45 minutes and duration 0.5 to 10 seconds.

Duracell Industrial Batteries Pks of 10

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Digital 12v Air compressor with LED

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High pressure air compressor with pre-set digital display and auto switch off.
LED lights for ease of work.

Blow gun with flex nozzle

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Blow gun with nozzle
Durable ABS plastic handle. Pistol grip. 600mm flexible nozzle.
1/4” brass inlet.

15 metre * 3/8" hose reel

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Spring Rewind Hose reel 15m 3/8" I.D Hose

Electrical 15m Cable Reel 240v

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Spring Rewind Electrical 15 metre Cable Reel 240v

16 piece Drill & screwdriver set

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6 pcs HSS twist drill bits. Size: 2 - 3 - 3.5 – 4 – 5 - 6mm.4 pcs Masonry drill bits. Size: 4 – 5 – 6 - 8mm.6 pcs 25mm Screwdriver bits.
SL4.5 - SL5.5 - PH1 - PH2 - PZ1 - PZ2

17 mtr Black Case Hose Reels for Compressed Air.

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Supplied with a sturdy steel wall/ceiling mounting bracket and 1m connection hose.
3/8" Black PVC Hose 4:1 Safety Rate.
Corrosion free Polypropylene construction.
Automated rewind for neat and tidy storage.
Ratchet or free-running operation.
Max Pressure: 20bar/300psi.
Max Temp: 60 deg C.
Supplied with a choice of 2 outlet connections - 3/8" male or 1/4" male.
(Removing the 3/8" fitting leaves a 1/4" male).